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Workshops Tai Chi Chuan

with Rob van Ham in Nijmegen

and with Brendan Lea (USA) in januari 2020

26 and 27 October 2019

4 and 5 January 2020

4 and 5 April 2020

In this workshop we focus on the principles for developing an effortlessly effective body being, body structure, movement and awareness,and the use of intrinsic strength or effortless power.

The slow and mindful movements of our Tai Chi Chuan sets are excellent for developing a better body awareness and for learning the principles of effortless and effective movement.In this workshop you will be learning the Cheng Hsin Tai Chi Chuan 24 or 64 set of movements.


This workshop in Tai Chi Chuan & Zen Body Being is open to all people, with and without experience. It’s an excellent workshop for people with different backgrounds like tai chi, aikido, dance, body work,yoga, qigiong, sports, acting and any other body-mind activity.

This workshop is part of a Cheng Hsin Martial Arts Weekend

Program (Saturday and Sunday)

8.45 - 9 hrs: welcome

9 - 11.30 hrs: workshop Tai Chi Chuan

11.30-12.30 hrs: lunch (bring your own lunch!)

12.30- 15 hrs: workshop Art of Effortless Power

15 - 15.30 hrs: break

15.30 - 18.00 hrs: workshop Boxing


€ 30 for one workshop (members € 25)

€ 80 for one day (members € 70)

€ 150 for the weekend (members € 130)

Please contact us if you need information on possibilities to stay overnight in Nijmegen during the weekend.


Dojo NJV, Fagelstraat 1, 6524 CD Nijmegen

Information and registration

Are you interested in attending this Cheng Hsin Martial Arts weekend? Please contact us for questions or registration.