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Workshop and Payment Conditions

Registration and payment

To register please send us (info@chenghsin.nl) your contact information and name and date of the workshop you wish to participate in. The contact information should contain:

To make your registration complete make your payment at least two weeks before the workshop date to Effortless Power Training & Coaching, IBAN: NL85 TRIO 0198369425 and BIC code: TRIONL2U, and also include the workshop name en date.

Cancelation regulation

If you can not participate you are always allowed to send a substitute without any further costs.

Cheng Hsin Nijmegen holds the right to cancel a workshop when short of participants, in which case you receive a full refund.

Meals and overnight stay

Meals and overnight stay are usually not included, except when mentioned otherwise specifically. Tea and coffee will be served during breaks.


Cheng Hsin Nijmegen as well as the teachers/trainers and guest trainers can not be held liable for any material or immaterial damage during or due to the workshops organized by Cheng Hsin Nijmegen. No claims, compensations or liabilities of any kind may be filed against Cheng Hsin Nijmegen, the teachers/trainers and guest trainers.


It is not allowed make any recordings (photo, film or sound) during workshops. Cheng Hsin Nijmegen may record during workshops for publicity or publication purposes, in which case permission of participants is always asked.

Cheng Hsin Nijmegen

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Effortless Power training & coaching

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