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The workshops are organised at our outdoor venue in Malden (Veldweg) near Nijmegen.


10.45 - 11.00 hrs: welcome with coffee and tea

11.00 - 12.45 hrs: workshop / class


The costs for archery classes / workshops including teh use of our material (bows, arrows, arm protection etc.) are:

If you bring and use you own archery equipment the costs are:

If you are interested, please contact for questions and registration.

Workshops and courses in Archery

Traditional and intuitive archery as a practical exercise in zen mindfulness

with Rob van Ham in Nijmegen

Would you like to learn and shoot with bow and arrow the traditional way? Archery without mordern aids as stabilizers, cams, sights, releases and pulleys. We use barebow recurve bows en traditional wooden bows as long bow, horse bow en flat bow. These bows have to drawn, aimed and released using your own perception, power and feeling only.  

Speaking in Zen words, in archery we want to become one with the bow, arrow and target and be in the present moment. This traditional or intuitive way of shooting bow and arrow is a fun challenge and excellent exercise:

We give our classes and workshops with small groups and a maximum of 8 participants. You don’t need any archery experinece to participate. The minimum age however is 15 years. Classes can be cancelled due to bad weather conditions like heavy wind and rain.