Rob van Ham is head instructor of Cheng Hsin Nijmegen. He holds a degree three and is one of the few certified Cheng Hsin teachers in the world. Het was caught by the beauty and effectiveness of Cheng Hsin in the early nineties and over the years followed many workshops and seminars with its founder Peter Ralston. He offers weekly Cheng Hsin classes in Nijmegen and regular international workshops. Cheng Hsin is also the basis of his work as a trainer and coach for athletes and business people in consciousness, effectiveness, stress- and conflict management, leadership and communication. In this work he also brings his years of experience as a researcher, consultant and manager in several companies and institutions

Eugene Meys has practised Cheng Hsin for over fifteen years. In that time he followed many workshops and seminars with Peter Ralston in the Netherlands and USA. Eugene holds a second degree in Cheng Hsin and is also a very experienced Yoga and Tango teacher, and owner of Yoga Studio Maitri.

Joris van Kasteren is practising martials arts and consciousness for over twenty years. He did Kungfu/Kempo, Tai Chi Ch’uan, Chi Gong and Zen meditation. He followed workshops with internationaly renowned teachers as Wee Kee Jin en Patrick Kelly before het started Cheng Hsin at the end of the nineties. Het trains weekly with Rob van Ham in Nijmegen and did many workshops and retraits with Peter Ralston and holds a first degree.

Jesse Passenier stayed with Peter Ralston in Texas for an eight month apprenticeship where he trained intensively from morning till evening for seven days a week. Jesse holds a third degree in Cheng Hsin. He just finished his   studies at the Academy of Music in Maastricht and is currently fully focused on his career as a composer and musician.
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