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Cheng Hsin Tai Chi Summer Week

17 - 23 August 2014

in Le Pelerin (France)

with Rob van Ham

This  Cheng Hsin summer week is  interesting for beginning to advanced practitioners in Tai Chi Chuan and internal martial arts, actually for all people who want to become more conscious and effortlessly effective in their movement, posture and interaction. Because the principles and skills you will be investigating during this week are applicable in wide variety of activities ranging from dancing and acting, to leadership and sports.

Our 5 day training schedule

Body Being & Tai Chi Chuan

Our morning sessions (9 -12) focus on the principles of an effortlessly effective body-being: being calm, relaxed, centered, grounded, whole and present. We will work on aligning our body with gravity, on increasing our feeling-awareness, balance and spatial awareness. And you will learn our tai chi mini-set and more advanced people will work on our tai chi 64 form.

Tui Shou (push hands) & Play

In the late afternoon class (16 - 19) you will explore the principles of effortless power and effective interaction in exercises,  techniques and games investigating the use of intrinsic strength and skills like listening, outreaching, yielding, neutralizing, following and joining. We have no mats, so there will be no falling or rolling involved! I am also open to touch on some boxing or sword play for those interested.

A schedule with plenty of time to also enjoy your holidays at Le Pelerin! If you are interested it is also possible to go for additional private or small group classes during afternoon breaks .  

Le Pèlerin

Tai Chi centre Le Pèlerin is located in the north of France near the city of Langrese. By car it can be reached from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and London. The center is build in an old farmhouse in the hamlet of Chalmessin and is surrounded by woods, meadows and hills and nice sceneries. For lodging the center offers one 2-person apartment, two dormitories and an orchard to  camp with your tent or mobile home. Meals will be mostly vegetarian. Check www.pelerin.nl for more information on the accommodation and a route description.


Tai Chi Le Pelerin

Rue de la cote Vautrot 9

52160 Chalmessin, Val des Tilles

(52 Champagne Ardennes, la Haute Marne) France

Rob van Ham

Rob van Ham started studying Cheng Hsin in 1991 with a background in tai chi chuan, judo and (kick)boxing. He has participated in numerous workshops, retreats, courses and seminars with Peter Ralston, the founder of Cheng Hsin.  Being one of his most advanced students he was certified as a Cheng Hsin teacher in 2009. Rob is head instructor of Cheng Hsin Nijmegen and he offers Cheng Hsin workshops and seminars in the Netherlands and abroad. He also facilitates professionals from the worlds of sports, business, arts and culture in effortlessly effective posture, movement, and interaction. Rob is fluent in Dutch, English and French. For more information check www.chenghsin.nl

Costs, registration and information

Costs for the workshop are € 240.

Costs for the accommodation including all meals are, depending on your type of lodging:

- 2-pers apartment    € 400 pp

- 1 pers bedroom      € 350

- dormitory               € 325

- camping                € 275

The workshop will continue with a minimum of 5 up to a maximum of 16 participants.

You are expected to arrive on Sunday August 17th, do the workshop from Monday till Friday and leave again on Saturday, August 23rd.

Are you interested in our Cheng Hsin Summer Week?

Please contact us for questions or registration.

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