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Cheng Hsin 2018 Holland Camp


Your Experience of Life


with Peter Ralston

June 9 - 15 | 2018

in De Glind (NL)

Cheng Hsin Holland Camp

This year the Cheng Hsin Holland Camp offers a program with first a six day Transforming Your Experience of Life Workshop (TEL). Followed by seven days in the Art of Effortless Power and two evenings of Body Being & Tai Chi.

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Transforming Your Experience of Life (TEL) Workshop

This workshop is about undertaking a shift in perspective that will change your fundamental experience of self and life. Our most common self-experience is based on a sense of separation coupled with an activity that produces a rather small and isolated domain of self. This fails to produce the satisfaction or happiness that we seek, and always will.

The dynamics involved in this self-introversion is further aggravated by existential assumptions regarding some form of lack in our "person." These assumptions are automatically reinforced by a closed loop of self-referencing perceptions.One of our goals in this workshop is to understand and expose these activities for what

they are, and begin to free ourselves of them.

Since our experience of life is so closely related to our experience of each other, creating a new context for relating to others will transform our experience of self and life. Arising within our new context is a much deeper and more real level of communication, assisting us in reducing our sense of separation. Living in a world where “we are all in it together” forms a new experience of

life and self.

About the Cheng Hsin Ontological Work

If you look in the dictionary, you’ll read that ontology is the study of being, of existence. It is a deep and complex field, with various aspects frequently under debate by philosophers, scientists, and theologians.

The Cheng Hsin approach to ontology is not intellectual deliberation,

but an experiential inquiry. We explore the way perception creates

our experience of self, other, and the world.

We seek to move beyond the habits of perception

that limit us in our abilities, our relationships, and our lives.

Many of you may not realize it, but the core of Peter’s work is consciousness rather than martial. Openly investigating the questions of Being led him to an increase in martial ability, but it’s clear that this work extends far beyond

the martial arts.

Consciousness work is not about acquiring knowledge. Where your understanding ends is where you start asking questions, and where Peter can begin to help you experience beyond what you know. It is at this point — within the framework of his unique experiential confrontation — that the fascinating ideas of the Consciousness work start to become real.

The first step in this workshop is learning how to approach our work — both individually and as a group — so if you are unclear about how to begin, that's just fine. Peter will work with you step by step to understand the nature of your self, thought, awareness, and being.

We've all tried to change something in ourselves and fallen short, or after some time, reverted back to old ways. Come to the workshop. Together we’ll discover what this is all about in such a way that you will never be the same.

If you are familiar with Peter’s work, you know how powerful it is. Old hands are welcome, as well as anyone who has never done this kind of work before. The more broad the range of participants, the more dynamic and transformative the experience is for all.

Workshop Format

The work becomes real out of your willingness to engage in a deeply honest level of questioning and communication. The workshop will run from early morning until late at night. You will be sitting for long periods with few breaks.

As a participant, you will be listening to powerful communications by the facilitator and considering deeply what is presented.

There will be:


If you’ve read Peter Ralston’s books and especially if you have had the opportunity to work with him in person, you already know the value and power available in this workshop. If you haven’t read his books, please do.


If you want to prepare for this work, you can watch these videos:

We question not for an answer but to experience the truth.

If you’re up for a mind-blowing adventure, consider yourself invited to this powerful event.

Cheng Hsin consciousness work is INTENSE and DEMANDS your attention, energy, and commitment. The only other requirement is to be here.

Peter Ralston

Peter has been pursuing this work with passionate determination for more than 40 years. During periods of intense contemplation, he has had many

enlightenment experiences which have profoundly influenced his study.

To demonstrate the effectiveness and opening power of a direct experience of Being, in 1978 he entered the

World Championship full contact martial arts tournament held in China. He was the first non-Asian ever to win the tournament.

Peter has trained staff and done workshops for many organizations, such as Lifesprings, Institute of Self Actualization (ISA), Robbins Research Institute

(NLP), Actualizations, Institute for Empowerment, and others. He is a highly trained and insightful facilitator.


The TEL workshop is held at the YMCA conference centre in De Glind a small village near Amersfoort. The accommodation offers one and two person bedrooms with running warm and cold water. Showers and toilets are on the corridors. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant. The major conference hall will be our workspace for the week.

TEL Workshop Schedule

Check in time for the TEL workshop is Saturday June 9 at 17.00.

Check out time for the TEL workshop is Friday June 15 at 17.30.

The first evening starts with an intro at 19.00. Each next day our workshop starts at 8.30 and finishes around 21.30. Except for the final day when we finish around 17.30.


Including workshop, lodging and meals!

Registration and contact

In order to make your registration complete transfer the deposit before the required deadline and send in the registration form. Or send in the required information by email. The remaining

payment for the workshop must be paid in cash on arrival. Accommodation costs need to be transferred in full by June 1.

For questions on the TEL workshop contact Peter Ralston at

For all questions on the Cheng Hsin Holland Camp contact:

Epi van de Pol

Sterrelaan 45

1217 PR Hilversum

the Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)35 6 28 99 47


Make you payments to:

Bankaccount: E. van de Pol

IBAN: NL37 RABO 0394483936


For more information check:

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