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Here are some links to Cheng Hsin sites and training groups.

Peter Ralston’s Cheng Hsin Homepage USA

Here you will find many resources on Cheng Hsin. For example have a look at the Cheng Hsin archives or subscribe to the free Cheng Hsin Newsletter.

Cheng Hsin UK

Kevin Magee’s website with information on all Cheng Hsin activities in the U.K. .

Cheng Hsin Deutschland

Website by Klaus Heinrich Peters with information on all Cheng Hsin workshops and activities in Germany.

Cheng Hsin Frankrijk

Website with information in all Cheng Hsin workshops en activities in France.

Other links:


Website by equitherapist, coach and trainer Nathalie van der Knaap.


Website with drawings, paintings and objects by Kees van der Knaap, the artist who made the drawings on our website.


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