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Here are some links to Cheng Hsin sites and training groups.

Peter Ralston’s Cheng Hsin Homepage USA

Here you will find many resources on Cheng Hsin. For example have a look at the Cheng Hsin archives or subscribe to the free Cheng Hsin Newsletter.

International Cheng Hsin Gathering

A European non-profit training event.  

Cheng Hsin Deutschland

Cheng Hsin France

Cheng Hsin France Grenoble

Cheng Hsin France Mulhouse

Cheng Hsin Sverige

Cheng Hsin Swansea

Cheng Hsin UK

Other links:


Website by equitherapist, coach and trainer Nathalie van der Knaap.


Website with drawings, paintings and objects by Kees van der Knaap, the artist who made the drawings on our website.