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Kyu Training & Testing

Cheng Hsin - the Art of Effortless Power

with Rob van Ham in Nijmegen

Our Kyu trainings are meant for everyone who wants to develop in the Cheng Hsin degree system. During Kyu training participants practice their current Kyu with each other. Training is facilitated by Rob van Ham. During this training we offer the possibility to also do a Kyu test.

The Cheng Hsin degree system is build up with 8 Degrees and 25 Kyu’s and it encompasses all Cheng Hsin material: Body Being, Tai Chi 24 and 64 sets, Tai Chi Sword, San Shou, Tui Shou and Boxing. Here is an overwiew of theCheng Hsin Degree System and Kyu Requirements (pdf).



Dojo NJV, Fagelstraat 1, 6524 CD Nijmegen


14 - 17 hrs: afternoon workshop


€ 35 for half day (members € 25)

Information and registration

Are you interested in attending the Kyu Training? Please contact us for questions or registration.