Cheng Hsin Holland Camp

The Art of Effortless Power & Boxing

with Peter Ralston

27 June – 5 July | 2020 in De Glind (NL)


“True innovators are, by definition, ahead of their time. How many of us wished we had met Bruce Lee, sat in a session with Carl Jung, or walked around Walden Park with Henry David Thoreau? Too late for that, but not too late to take notice of Peter Ralston. A superlative martial artist and caring teacher, his insights speak to us all.” Dan Millman – Author of “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”

Cheng Hsin Holland Camp

Due to the corona crisis and measures we have no martial workshops in this year’s Holland Camp. But the CSW will be held with an online connection to Peter Ralston in Texas. Just as originally planned Peter will join us for two periods a day to answer questions, facilitate, coach, interview and teach from a big screen. Your on the spot instructor during the CSW will be Rob van Ham with assistance from Epi van de Pol. Both are experienced contemplation facilitators. We offer this possibility at reduced workshop costs.

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Peter Ralston

Since 1990, Peter Ralson’s yearly visits to Holland have turned into a tradition. He is an authority in his field, the Muhammad Ali of internal martial arts. After years of intense investigation of mind, body, and martial arts, this former full-contact free-fight world champion founded the Cheng Hsin School of internal martial arts.

Peter Ralston has devoted his life to Mastery. He has spent almost 40 years teaching others his remarkable insights and has transformed thousands of individuals worldwide. If you are an experienced martial artist there will be new insights to be gained and abilities to be developed. If you are less experienced, or even a complete novice, you will be supported in creating the foundations for success in your practice. Peter has a unique and exciting contribution in the martial arts and consciousness,. He has inspired people in sports, dance, body work, performance, relation and leadership.

What to Expect?

• A week of total immersion into increasing your skill and ability to relate effectively.

• A thorough exploration of how to use your body effortlessly and powerfully

• Become more relaxed, open, grounded, centred and balanced

• Changing mind states and using powerful imagery to enhance perceptions and retrain the nervous system

• Techniques, games and exercises which you can take into your own Art to help you deepen your work

• Teaching based on understanding and training principles rather than following dogma and routines

Program & Schedule

Art of Effortless Power Weekend |  27 & 28 June

This weekend will introduce you to the mindset and body mechanics of effortless power. You will learn how to apply intrinsic strength in relatively simple techniques and begin to learn new ways of relating to an opponent that will make you much more skilful.

Art of Effortless Power Week | 27 June –  3 July

The Art of Effortless Power is a dynamic blend of T’ai Chi, Pa Kua, Aikido, Judo and Boxing with uprooting, throwing, footwork, and lots of internal work on relaxation, outreaching, intention, balance and freeing up ineffective mental patterns.

Working from the ground up, Peter will explore the principles that found body design and function, power, and interaction. Participants will be demanded to change how they think and perceive. Peter will demonstrate and teach how to change one’s own experience towards that of being effective whilst remaining totally relaxed and calm.

Using props, exercises, techniques and games and his relaxed and entertaining style of teaching, Peter leads participants into questioning assumptions, overcoming beliefs and transforming how they use their bodies. It is a very joyful learning experience. Be prepare to be overjoyed and overwhelmed by the ocean of knowledge and skill which Peter communicates to you as a participant.

During our evening sessions you will have a one hour period to train or test for a Kyu (level). Each morning training will be conducted by an assistant and will be adapted to the program of the day.

Boxing Weekend:  3, 4 & 5 July

Starting on Friday evening this workshop is focused on techniques, tactics and skills in the Art of Effortless Striking. You need to bring boxing gloves (rentable for 5 Euro) and a mouthpiece.


The Holland Camp is held at the YMCA conference centre in De Glind, a  tiny village in the Dutch countryside near Amersfoort. The accommodation offers one and two person bedrooms with running warm and cold water. Showers and toilets are on the corridors. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant. The major conference hall will be transformed into a dojo. During breaks you will receive coffee and tea. More info:


Costs include both workshop and accommodation costs. If you participate in a workshop without use of lodging or meals, you will pay a mat fee.

Workshop costs

EP weekend – June 27 – 28

  •  € 235 with € 100 deposit in by April 1
  •  € 265 with € 100 deposit in by May 1
  •  € 295 thereafter

Art of EP week – June 27 – July 3

  •  € 775 with € 295 deposit in by April 1
  •  € 825 with € 295 deposit in by May 1
  •  € 875 thereafter

Boxing weekend – July 3, 4 & 5

  •  € 235 with € 100 deposit in by April 1
  •  € 265 with € 100 deposit in by May 1
  •  € 295 thereafter

Art of EP & Boxing – June 27 – July 5

  •   € 955 with € 295 deposit in by April 1
  •  € 1030 with € 295 deposit in by May 1
  •  € 1105 thereafter

Accommodation costs

► Full lodging in one person bedroom:  € 68 p day  

► Full lodging in two person bedroom: € 57 p day

► Only meals and mat fee:  € 50 p day

► Only mat fee (no meals or lodging):  € 16 p day

Registration and contact

In order to make your registration complete transfer the deposit before the required deadline and send in the registration form. Or send in the required information by email. The remaining payment must be received in full by June 1.

If you have any questions on the Cheng Hsin Holland Camp contact:

Epi van de Pol, Sterrelaan 45, 1217 PR Hilversum, the Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)35 6 28 99 47


Make you payments to:

Bankaccount: E. van de Pol

IBAN: NL37 RABO 0394483936