Cheng Hsin 2022 Holland Camp

Contemplation & Satsang Workshop

with Peter Ralston

28 August – 3 September 2022 in Nijmegen (NL)

enlightenment intensive

Cheng Hsin Holland Camp

This year’s camp offers a program with first seven days in the Art of Effortless
Power, followed by a weekend of Boxing. We end with a six day Contemplation & Satsang Workshop (CSW).
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Contemplation & Satsang Workshop (CSW)

In this six day long workshop you will contemplate all day, primarily in diads with a partner in what we call CCE’s (Contemplation and Communication Exercises). This work will be interspersed with sittings with Ralston in lectures and dialogues about contemplation, consciousness, and enlightenment. You can also receive feedback in interviews with Ralston during periods of the day when needed.

The action of looking deeply into something for a long time. Setting out to become directly conscious of the truth.

“Sat” = True; “Sang” = company, group. A gathering committed to discovering the Truth, usually with an enlightened teacher.

The Contemplation and Communication Exercise

This is a 40 minute period in which two people sit facing each other, with one person acting as a listening partner and the other as the contemplating and communicating partner. Every five minutes the roles are reversed and the listening partner becomes the contemplating and communicating partner, and the contemplating partner becomes the listening partner. This continues back and forth for 40 minutes.

The fundamental endeavour in a CCE is repeatedly setting out to directly experience who you are (other questions include: What is another? What is life? or What am I?). As a result of such immediate contemplation, in which you are opening up in this very moment to experience yourself directly, something will come up. By “come up” I mean that some thought, feeling, idea, sensation, memory, or some sort of experience will fill the space of that openness. Or you will directly experience who you are.

Whatever comes up for you when you set out to directly experience yourself — no matter what it is — is communicated to your partner. You get it across to that person honestly, exactly as it is. The listening partner receives it without comment, without judgment, without any kind of feedback at all, subtle or gross. This gives you the freedom and space to communicate anything, without concern about its correctness, how good or bad it looks, or whether or not it will be judged.

When the communication has occurred, you once again set out to experience who you are — contemplating and then communicating what comes up as a result, repeating this process until your five minutes are up. At that time a bell will chime and you will be instructed to reverse roles; you will then become a non-judgmental, open, and silent listening partner for five minutes.

The Workshop Format

The workshops starts on Sunday evening at 19.00 with an introduction to the workshop and CCE’s. During the workshop each day begins at 6.00. Throughout the day you will do about ten CCE’s and have three walking contemplations.

Two times a day you have a  period of Satsang, meaning Being with the Truth; or Gathering for the Truth. During this period Reter Ralston will be doing talks, going over contemplation, telling stories, dialoguing and answering questions to help people in their efforts to have a breakthrough.

The meals will be light, but relatively frequent. Vegetarian meals are provided. You will be cared for so that your focus can be total.

During all periods outside the workshop space you will remain silent. Everything will be a contemplation. For example, meals are “eating contemplation” and bedtime is “sleeping contemplation.” The participant is instructed to “hold the question” every minute of the entire day. Sleeping contemplation occurs every evening around 22:00.

In such an intense environment, where you have no concerns but to directly experience yourself, you will move through a tremendous amount of “stuff.” Mental, emotional, or physical barriers can come up. This is to be expected. Consider it part of the process and keep your intent on directly experiencing who you are no matter what comes up or gets in the way.

The purpose of this workshop is to have an enlightenment experience, which is to say, to directly and authentically experience the true nature of Being. Even if this doesn’t occur at this time, however, your efforts can have a lasting effect on your life and wellbeing.

Check-in time for the CSW is Sunday 28 August at 17.00 evening meal at 18.00.

Check-out time for the CSW is Saturday 3 September at 17.00.

Peter Ralston

Peter Ralston is a highly trained and insightful facilitator, openly teaching what he has learned from decades of training, insight and direct experience. The main focus in his facilitation work is to uncover the truth of things, to break through assumptions and beliefs, and to assist others in having a direct, authentic, and experiential increase in Consciousness.

Peter has been pursuing this work with passionate determination for more than 40 years. During periods of intense contemplation, he has had many enlightenment experiences which have profoundly influenced his study.

To demonstrate the effectiveness and opening power of a direct experience of Being, in 1978 he entered the World Championship full contact martial arts tournament held in China. He was the first non-Asian ever to win the tournament.

Peter has trained staff and done workshops for many organizations, such as Lifesprings, Institute of Self Actualization (ISA), Robbins Research Institute (NLP), Actualizations, Institute for Empowerment, and others. He is a highly trained and insightful facilitator.


Our new venue is Groepsaccommodatie
De Elegast located in a former boarding school on a woody hill near Nijmegen. The accommodation offers one person cubicle bedrooms with running water. Showers and toilets are on the corridors. You will receive excellent vegetarian meals. More information:


Here are the prices for the workshop and accommodation including lodging and meals.

Workshop Costs

  • €765 with € 195 deposit in by 15 May
  • € 895 thereafter

Accommodation Costs

  • € 450 (six days) Full lodging in one person cubicle and meals

Registration and contact

In order to make your registration complete transfer the deposit of € 195 before the required deadline and send in the registration form. Or send in the required information by email. The remaining payment for the workshop must be paid in cash on arrival. Accommodation costs need to be transferred in full by June 15th.

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