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Workshop Butoh & Noguchi Taiso

with Imre Thormann

A two day workshop in which master dancer Imre Thormann taking you on a journey into the principes behind his movements and expression.

In my workshop I do not convey any fixed form or technique, but the principles that form the basis of movement (spiral, wave, gravity, emotion etc.). We will focus on everyday movements like standing and walking, as well as on emotional forms of expression. We will establish a basis that will enable us to exchange conventional patterns of movement for fresh approaches that will help us to execute movements more easily. This workshop is for professionals in dance and theatre as well as for amateurs of all ages.

My work is based on a training of seven years in Tokyo with Kazuo Ohno (Butoh) and Noguchi Michizo (founder of Noguchi Taiso, a Japanese form of body work), and education in Alexander Technique and my experience as a dancer who is living the dance.

Imre Thormann  www.bodytaster.com

Since 2009 Imre is one of our regular guest teacher with his Butoh en Noguchi Taiso workshop. He has returned every year since and his approach, experience, understanding and way of working are helpful and inspiring for people with a background or interest in tai chi, aikido, dance, performance, acting, yoga, body work and body-mind oriented therapy.  

Interview with Imre Thormann on Butoh and Noguchi Taiso



Maitri, Broerdijk 35, Nijmegen

Times:  10.30 - 17.30 hrs


€ 165,- for the weekend. It is possible to stay overnight (bed & breakfast) for € 25,- pp.

€ 85,- for one day.

Information and registration

Are you interested in this workshop Butoh en Noguchi Taiso?  Please contact for questions or registration.