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Empowering Consciousness Workshop

Becoming a more authentic and grounded human being

Empowering yourself and your relationships

Weekend  29 & 30 September 2018 in Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Weekend  23 & 24 February 2019 in Nijmegen (Netherlands)

with facilitator Rob van Ham

Although the Empowering Consciousness Workshop is an endeavor that is directed by

a facilitator, ultimately you are the one who has to do the work and have the insights.

The ECW is a two day event that is designed to be a powerful introduction to the Cheng

Hsin consciousness work. It is an invitation to honestly question the nature of your

experience and to make breakthroughs in your own consciousness. New worlds of

possibility will open up that make a real difference in your life.

What you will be doing:

During the ECW you will be looking into different aspects of your experience of self,

communication, and even reality, to become conscious of more effective ways of being

and interacting. In this workshop you will question overlooked assumptions, delve

into the unconscious mind that is responsible for unwanted feelings and behavior,

seek out a deeper and more authentic sense of personal power, and learn to perceive

life in ways that empower rather than limit. You will come away with a new ability to

question, a greater understanding of relationship, and access to skills to help you

transform in whatever ways you want.


Each day begins at 8:30am and wraps up around 7pm, with an hour and a half lunch

break around 1pm. The work consists of lectures, dialogues, and various exercises

including guided meditations and dyads—working with a partner communicating or

listening, and following whatever instructions are given for a particular exercise.

Throughout the day you will be introduced to new subjects and will have the

opportunity to dialogue with the facilitator to create clarity in your own experience so

that the information isn't just understood but is accessible to you in a way that makes

a difference.

What will you get out of doing this?

The ECW is designed to introduce you to the Cheng Hsin Consciousness Work and to

help promote an interest in some of the larger workshops and events that are available

through the Cheng Hsin Center and around the world.


The costs for this two-day workshop (including lucnh) are € 250,-


The workshop is hosted by Maitri in Nijmegen. You can stay overnight for additional costs. Please contact for information.

Registration and information

For registration and additional information regarding this workshop contact:

Rob van Ham

0031 - 6 - 29008785



Transform your experience

In this workshop you will experience a new ability to create genuine inquiry, have

empowering insights, and bring consciousness to what it is to be fully human, becoming more grounded, authentic, and effective.

Empower your relationships

Making new distinctions that will empower your ability to communicate more effectively,

you will learn how to hear and genuinely be heard by others.

Develop a deeper sense of satisfaction

Only through experiencing yourself as whole and complete, authentic and real, will you

have a deep sense of personal satisfaction and feel fully aligned with life.

Increase personal power

You will discover the nature of integrity and how it increases personal power and deepens your sense of self worth. This will significantly influence your life at home, at work, and in your relationships.

Awaken greater clarity

Getting to know who you are as a person increases your clarity about what you want from life. Once you create a clear vision then your path to success can be seen and acted upon with greater precision, passion, and effectiveness.

Actualize your dreams

Increasing your ability to access open possibility expands your effectiveness in achieving your goals.

Transcend limitations

You will work to uncover unconscious limitations buried deep in your mind that keep you trapped. By the end of the workshop you will have a greater sense of this domain and the ability to access it, creating the real possibility of new, more empowering ways of being and acting.

Create a new way of perceiving life

During this workshop you will be invited to a new perspective that will provide intelligence

and effectiveness as well as freedom and power in all aspects of life.