DVD 1: Cheng Hsin Introductie,  Euro 35,-

Showing Peter Ralston in European seminars with demonstrations and lectures on body being development, techniques, interactive skills and principles, effortless power, freeplay and much more.

DVD 2: Cheng Hsin Fight Play Demo, Euro 35,-

The "Fight" aspect is footage from Ralston's first fight in the 1978 World Tournament. The quality of the video is terrible. It is still visible, however, and you might find it interesting. The "Play" section is from an Art of Effortless Power Camp in Hawaii, 1997. Ralston demonstrates several techniques and games, and a round of freeplay. Finally, the "Demo" section are demonstrations by the 2006 Apprentices of The Arts of Cheng Hsin. They demonstrate The Art of Effortless Power techniques from basic to advanced, show a few rounds of t'ui shou versus striking, and lay out some of the fundamentals of Cheng Hsin Boxing.

DVD 3: Discovery Interview with Peter Ralston, Euro 30,-

In this complete interview, done for the Discovery Channel, Peter Ralston, the Founder of the Cheng Hsin school, speaks about Cheng Hsin martial arts and martial arts in general.

DVD 4: Tai Chi Instruction, Euro 35,-

Peter Ralston’s instructional video of the 64 movements comprising the Cheng Hsin Tai Chi set. Ralston explains how to practice Cheng Hsin Tai Chi, demonstrates the whole set, and then instructs the viewer through each movement of the set. This is followed by another demonstration of the set and wraps up with a demonstration of the Cheng Hsin Tai Chi Mini-Set -- a twelve move set.

DVD 5: Kyu 1 Instruction, Euro 35,-

In this instructional video Peter Ralston takes you through all required Kyu or Level 1 material with explanations and demonstrations. DVD’s of Kyu 2 and up can only be purchased directly from the Cheng Hsin Homepage DVD list.   

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