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Cheng Hsin

Cheng Hsin was created by world class martial artist and consciousness facilitator Peter Ralston as a unique blend of internal martial arts, self inquiry and contemplation offering an opening for transformation, personal growth and consciousness. In Cheng Hsin our aim is to uncover an authentic direct experience of body and mind, self and relationship.

Cheng Hsin is designed to move people toward a more “real,” direct, and present experience of self and life. Using open investigation, contemplation, personal experimentation, and powerful questioning we pursue transformation, effectiveness, and a direct experience of the nature of Being.

For further information on Cheng Hsin and its founder Peter Ralston visit the Cheng Hsin Homepage.

cheng hsin art of effortless power tui shou pushing hands tai chi

“The essence of Cheng Hsin is found in questioning our own event. We’re striving to honestly investigate our actions, emotions, beliefs, relationships, and experience. It seems that in grasping the truth of any matter, the possibility arises of becoming more powerful, effective, and balanced in relation to that matter.”

Peter Ralston