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Workshop Boxing  

27/28 September 2018 en 13/14 April 2019 with Rob van Ham   

5/6 januari 2019 with Brendan Lea (USA)

In this workshop we will go into the art of effortless striking and we will work on techniques and tactics such as ‘effortless’ punching and kicking, dodging, evasion, following, cuttiing, complementing and perceptive skills.

Our boxing and sparring is fun and done in a respect and playful way. We take responsibility for ourselves and our partners. Please bring 14 oz gloves and a mouthpiece. You are welcome to this workshop regardless your experience in Cheng Hsin or Boxing.  


This workshop is part of a Cheng Hsin Martial Arts weekend program

Program (Saturday and Sunday)

8.45 - 9 hrs: welcome

9 - 11.30 hrs: workshop Tai Chi Chuan and Body Being

11.30-12.30 hrs: lunch (bring your own lunch!)   

12.30- 15 hrs: workshop Art of Effortless Power

15 - 15.30 hrs: break

15.30 - 18.00 hrs: workshop Boxing


€ 30 for one workshop (members € 25)

€ 80 for one day (members € 70)

€ 150 for the weekend (members € 130)

Please contact us if you need information on possibilities to stay overnight in Nijmegen during the weekend.


Dojo NJV, Fagelstraat 1, 6524 CD Nijmegen

Information and registration

Are you interested in attending this Cheng Hsin Martial Arts weekend? Please contact us for questions or registration.