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Workshops Art of Effortless Power

with Rob van Ham

Cheng Hsin T’ui Shou, the Art of Effortless Power, is the art of not-fighting is an internal martial art with roots in Tai Chi, Judo, Aikido, Bagua and Hsing I.. It is an art of non-fighting in which we do not want to  be resistant, reactive or forceful, but are investigating ways to become more effective through listening, acceptance, following and joining with the occurring event.

During the morning workshop we will focus on the principles of an effortlessly effectice body being and the use of intrinsic strength. In the afternoon we will give more attention to stationary and dynamic techniques, interactive and perceptive skills, various games and forms of free play.  This workshop is open to all interested in internal martial arts.


This morning workshop if followed by a workshop in the afternoon. Check our calendar for more information.


Dojo NJV, Fagelstraat 1, 6524 CD Nijmegen


9.45 - 10 hrs. welcome

10 - 13 hrs: morning workshop

13 - 14 hrs: lunch (bring your own lunch)   

14 - 17 hrs: afternoon workshop


€ 35 for half day (members € 25)

€ 65 for full day (members € 50)

Information and registration

Are you interested in attending this Art of Effortless Power workshop? Please contact us for questions or registration.