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Weekend Workshop Art of Effortless Power

6 and 7 January 2018

with Brendan Lea (USA)

Brendan Leas is one of Peter Ralston’s topstudents. At the age of eighteen he moved to the Cheng Hsin Centre in Texas and started his study with Peter Ralston. He participated in many Apprentice Programs (seven and a half months of daily training). He is teaching workshops in Europe for the first time, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to study and train with Brendan Lea.

The focus during this weekend workshop will be on the Art of Effortless Power. We will look into the principles of an effortlessly effectice body being and the use of intrinsic strength. We will also work on stationary and dynamic techniques, interactive and perceptive skills, various games and forms of free play.

This workshop is open to all interested in internal martial arts. We’ve welcomed people interested in Cheng Hsin from other martial arts like aikido, tai chi chuan, systema, boxing, karate, taikiken and ninjitsu.



Dojo NJV, Fagelstraat 1, 6524 CD Nijmegen


9.45 - 10 hrs. welcome

10 - 13 hrs: morning workshop

13 - 14 hrs: lunch (bring your own lunch)   

14 - 17 hrs: afternoon workshop



€ 150 for weekend workshop (members € 130)

€ 80 for one day weekend workshop (members € 70)

Please contact us if you need information on possibilities to stay overnight in Nijmegen during the weekend.

Information and registration

Are you interested in attending this Art of Effortless Power workshop with Brendan Lea? Please contact us for questions or registration.