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Training Balance & Movement

with Nathalie van der Knaap and Rob van Ham

A workshop for individuals and professionals who want to develop their personal en relational skills through interaction and learning with each other and horses.

Being in balance is essential  within any type of movement or interaction. Wether you are a manager, team leader, parent, trainer, entrepreneur, student or actor, you live in a world that is in constantly  changing and moving world  In this workshop you will  discover what being in balance is   

This experience oriented workshop will give you solid insights into physical and mental patterns of tension and resistance in your posture and movement. When do you loose balance? How to recognise it? How to move within your limits? Balance demands a constant relaxing, awareness, letting go and following. Horse are able to carry us and touch us in a  physical, mental and emotional sense. There is always a dialogue in movement.

Learning with Horse & Tai Chi

In this workshop Nathalie van der Knaap and Rob van Ham merge their knowledge and experience as trainer, coach, therapist, manager and life partners. They also combine two unique and powerful ways for learning and self development.

Nathalie offers therapy, coaching and training to help individuals and groups using the specific characteristics of horses (www.paardenwijs.nl).

Rob works as a trainer and coach voor people in business and sports using martial arts, body and consciousness work (www.chenghsin.nl).




10.00 - 16.00 hrs


€ 135,-  (including lunch, coffee and tea),

Information and registration

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